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Nexcess specializes in building a web that steps beyond. We want everything to be faster and more reliable. Help us do it. Find your dream solution below.

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We believe in service that extends beyond a traditional definition of hosting. We understand that in this age, you need so much more than just a piece of real estate where your website can reside. You need a partner.


masters of caching and configs. That's why Nexcess' hosting solutions are purpose-built for particular applications, so that you can consistently outperform the competition by 13X or greater.


Security is often not one of the first thoughts one has when choosing a host, but if your site and brand are important to you, it should be. Nexcess facilities undergo annual SSAE 16 examinations, and all of our e-commerce web hosting plans are fully PCI DSS compliant.


Although we've certainly grown over the years, Nexcess has always kept that born-out-of-a-garage passion for building and delivering great web properties. Our client care reps are web enthusiasts just like you, and love being a part of your team.

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The Story

Nexcess in 2000 was very different to Nexcess today. We started out in a garage with a handful of clients. Today, we operate a global hosting platform that employs hundreds of people.

Our values haven’t changed: we build the fastest hosting for the most powerful eCommerce and publishing applications, and we remain dedicated to providing the best customer support in the industry.

Our clients range from hobbyist bloggers to the largest online publishers, from hyperlocal businesses to international enterprises, and from boutique eCommerce stores to high-traffic global retail brands.

Many of those clients grew as Nexcess grew, evolving from small businesses into large operations requiring complex custom hosting solutions — we’ve taken great pleasure in helping them reach their potential.

We built strong relationships with the companies behind the applications we host, and we’re proud to be an official Magento Technology Partner and the Official Enterprise Hosting Partner of EllisLab, creator of ExpressionEngine.

Today, we provide a comprehensive range of performance-optimized Magento, WordPress, ExpressionEngine, and OroCRM hosting plans that include shared hosting, dedicated server hosting, and complex multi-server cluster configurations.

Global Hosting

We acquired our first data center — in Dearborn, Michigan — in 2006. Since then, we have expanded our operations to include a larger data center in Southfield, Michigan, which also houses our offices and serves as Nexcess’ global headquarters.

Today, the Nexcess platform encompasses several additional US locations, including Miami, Florida; and the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

To better serve our growing number of international clients, we also operate from a number of international locations, including Byfleet in the United Kingdom; Amsterdam, Netherlands; and Sydney, Australia.

Our US and international facilities are strategically located at major network and technology hubs, and enable us to provide high-performance, low-latency hosting to the largest eCommerce and business markets in the US, Europe, South and Central America, and the Asia-Pacific region.


Nexcess believes in the importance of giving back to the developer communities that have been so kind in embracing us.

Over the years, we have sponsored dozens of community events for the WordPress, Magento, and ExpressionEngine communities, including regularly sponsoring WordCamp, Meet Magento, and MagentoLive events, among many others.

Nexcess is also an active participant in the open source community, having created several popular open source projects, such as Turpentine, a Magento integration extension for Varnish; Sentry, a Magento two-factor authentication plugin, and Alarmbell, a Magento security plugin.