About Baker's Bakery

Baker’s Bakery is a fictional business that I created while studying the process of web design prototyping using Photoshop. This website represents a hypothetical small business that requires a simple brochure style website with basic information about their products and business. I designed the logo banner and website from scratch in photoshop, and I used royalty free stock photos of various bakery products for the menu page. I really wanted this fictional “brand” to convey an artisinal, handmade, old fashoned aesthetic, however I still wanted to have a very slick and modern looking user interface. There are very few solid colors on this website, instead I tried to lean toward a more organic textured interface with an organic brown paper background and subtle tinted gradients behind the text boxes. The color scheme for the brand was very important to me, I wanted very warm earthy tones throughout the whole design, from the banner to the background texture and typography colors. Overall, I wanted the whole website to convey a feeling similar to a loaf of freshly baked wheat bread that has been wrapped up in brown paper parchment and tied up with twine.

If you’re interested in seeing more of my designs, check out my website milesrose.net
You can also download all the code that produced this website on my GitHub page.

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